This material does not refer (other than here!) to Victorian Curriculum Year levels. Since it is well recognised that there are many attainment levels in each class (or 'year') the VC levels are used to distinguish the levels of attainment within the class for any topic.

In the material that follows each Victorian Curriculum level (F to 10) is organised into its domains and sub-domains.

Within each VC level for each sub-domain, the resource links are split into five kinds:

  • Content description (from the VC for that level)
  • Whole-class investigations
  • Teaching
  • Hands-on learning
  • ICT

Whole-class investigations

These are those investigations that are suitable for a class at this level. They are largely from Maths300 and RIME or RIME 5&6. If you have MCTP books (now out of print), you should add those.


These are links to three sources of teaching ideas.

  • Teach for Understanding are free on the MAV website, and cover all topics at all levels.
  • The Mathematics Developmental Continuum, Assessment for Common Misunderstandings and Scaffolding Numeracy in the Middle Years are all free from the DET website.
  • People Count is an explanation (in simple language with many diagrams) of the entire maths course from F to 10. It is written for teachers who are unsure of the mathematics, and is not a teaching guide.

Hands-on learning

Here you will find resources that provide hands-on ideas for group work (e.g. Guidelines in Number, Active Learning). These are MAV products.


There are three types of links here:

  • Interactive Learning is a set of almost 500 interactive diagrams in Excel. They are very suitable for interactive whiteboard use. It is an MAV product.
  • Learning Objects are available free from FUSE or SCOOTLE.
  • There are an increasing number of good free sites overseas, and some are listed.

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