MAV19 Annual Conference  Thu 05 Dec 2019


Closing date for registrations is : 15/11/2019

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The MAV19 Conference Committee is pleased to announce the MAV19 conference is now open.

This year theme is Making+Connections.

Making connections is crucial to the success of mathematics education in the future. Mathematics educators should work collaboratively, across schools, with university, industry partners and various other stakeholders. Mathematical connections are about developing educators’ breadth and depth of knowledge for teaching including knowledge of curriculum and knowledge of how students learn. Making connections will ensure both rigour and innovation, and provide opportunities for increasing impact in mathematics education.

Join our MAV19 ‘Community of Practice’.


Event Venue: La Trobe University


MAV ABN: 34 004 892 755

Pricing 1 Day 2 Day
Member Cost Metro (Inc GST) $294 $589
Member Cost Non Metro (Inc GST) $239 $479
Non Member Cost (Inc GST) $377 $764
Student Cost (Inc GST) $157 $314


Keynote - What’s up with secondary school mathematics, and how can we improve it?  (Presenters: Kylie Slaney, Sarah Buckley, Sebastian Sardina, Peter Goss, Neil Carmona-Vickery)

We often hear that learning maths teaches reasoning, problem solving logical, and critical thinking skills. Students can develop a host of technical skills but if they lack the capacity to apply these skills to solving problems which are anything other than technical exercises, their knowledge is irrelevant. A critical skill in mathematics is being able to derive a mathematical formulation from a context. Yet we also know that many students leave school not having mastered essential numeracy skills.
What should the role of school mathematics education be in our emerging new world? And as such, what mathematical ideas should students be required to engage with? Why are topics like algorithmic thinking and coding relevant to secondary school mathematics?
Are we pushing kids too far by asking them to do maths until year 10? Are we doing enough to combat maths anxiety in the secondary school maths classroom? What are the factors leading to this anxiety, and are we doing enough to address them?

What if maths was elective from year 9 like other subjects? Couldn’t students get enough numeracy across the curriculum after year 10 that maths was not needed anyway? If maths was not compulsory teachers may need to improve their practice and work harder to recruit and retain students in maths subjects. Teachers could then focus on those who are interested in maths, leading to more students taking higher level mathematics than currently; do you agree?

Come along and explore these topics with our panel of experts from across the maths education sector.

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