2018 Let's Get Started! Using games to promote fluency and reasoning  Thu 03 May 2018


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Teachers of Foundation to Year 6.

Teachers will be elbow deep in dice and cards during this workshop. The session will focus on developing mathematical fluency and reasoning in students through the use of hands-on and engaging card and dice games. Teachers will be armed with a range of activities and we will explore how to easily differentiate for a range of student learning needs.


Jen Bowden

Jen is a Mathematics Education Consultant for the Mathematical Association of Victoria. She works with teachers to build teacher capacity, increase knowledge of curriculum content, develop pedagogies and establish school-wide improvement plans. Jen takes a variety of approaches whilst working with teachers, including modelled teaching, coaching, intensive curriculum planning, afterschool workshops and whole school professional development days. Her passion is for ensuring mathematics teaching and learning is relevant, engaging and enjoyable for students, teachers and parents.

Ellen Corovic

Ellen is a Mathematics Education Consultant at the Mathematical Association of Victoria. She is passionate about building teacher capacity and a sense of collective efficacy in mathematics. Through building teachers understanding of the content and pedagogy she works with teachers and leadership on individual, team or whole school improvement. Coaching, modelled teaching and leading professional conversations are regular features of her work. Ellen promotes hands on and reflective learning.


Event Venue: Mathematical Association of Victoria


MAV ABN: 34 004 892 755

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Member Cost (Inc GST) $52
Non Member Cost (Inc GST) $65.00


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