Addressing misconceptions about mass and volume/capacity


There appears to be much confusion amongst both teachers and students about the concepts of mass and volume/capacity and how they can be measured. A common belief, for example, is that grams/kilograms are always the units for solids, and litres/millilitres are always the units for liquids. Another common misconception is that knowing a cubic centimetre equates to a millilitre, people think that one millilitre equates to one gram. In this workshop you will be introduced to a couple of simple hands-on tasks and discuss how they might be used to reveal your students’ thinking and reasoning about mass and volume/capacity.

Heather McMaster

Session Code Session Date Session Start Session Finish Session Location Places Remaining
E-03 05/12/2019 03:40 pm 04:40 pm La Trobe University, Bundoora


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