The Data Driven Teacher


There are overwhelming amounts of data available in education these days. The question is how to best use it.

Central to the data driven teacher is the ability to make informed decisions about individual students and the class' learning trajectory by responding to learning deficiencies in real-time.

In this session we will explore how Mathspace-generated data facilitates teaching. Insights will be shared on how obtaining data via Mathspace has reduced workload, improved what teachers understand about student progress and therefore enhanced student learning.

We will focus on:
-Diagnostic Reporting
-Student Progress Reporting

You will walk away with:
-Strategies for collecting meaningful data about learning
-Processes for assessing and analysing data
-A decision making framework for pivoting to adjust learning based on data results.

Devices are encouraged as there will be digital materials that will be used during the activities. Participants need no prior experience with Mathspace.

Craig Blake

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