What’s Inside an Escher Print?


Art galleries provide a refreshingly different context for learning mathematics, and the art of M.C. Escher is so novel and refreshing that it has taken a place in popular culture.

We will explore some of the mathematical ideas in the works of M.C. Escher - tessellations, impossible figures, and hyperbolic planes. Along the way we will see how Escher was not simply an artist, but grappled with groups, perspective, and non-Euclidean geometry in his own visual language. He was an artist who went out of his way to connect with mathematicians, and they with him, with many of his playful prints used to illustrate abstract concepts.

Toen Castle
Katherine Seaton
Christopher Lenard

Session Code Session Date Session Start Session Finish Session Location Places Remaining
C-16 05/12/2019 12:10 pm 01:10 pm La Trobe University Bundoora


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